New Graduate Students

The first step to admission into a UW Oshkosh graduate program is completing the online application. Depending on the program you wish to pursue, you may need to provide additional information and materials or complete additional forms.

International Graduate Students

Because of immigration and traveling requirements, the process to apply for admission as an international student begins sooner, takes more time and involves more processing than for U.S. citizens and international applicants already living in the U.S.  International applicants should submit their applications by March 1 for fall semester admission or by Sept. 1 for spring semester admission.  Applications submitted after these deadlines will be considered on a space-available basis. Generally there is no summer admission for international applicants.

Re-entering or Returning  Graduate Students

Students are eligible to resume classes within the 24-month period by simply registering and successfully completing program courses, based upon current program registration requirements. Students who exceed the 24-month period without taking a course at UW Oshkosh must first get the approval of the program coordinator to resume classes (NOTE: A student’s electronic record becomes inactive after 24 months).  After program approval, the Office of Graduate Studies must also approve a student to resume taking classes.


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Apply for admission into a UW Oshkosh graduate program by completing the UW System application form.
When completing the online application, be sure to submit three references with contact information


Send us your Official Transcripts

Applicants must have all official transcripts sent directly to the Office of Graduate Studies. Copies “issued to student” are not considered official.
Note: If an applicant is a current or former UW Oshkosh graduate or undergraduate student, he/she does not need to provide an official UW Oshkosh transcript.


Complete Program Specific Requirements

Since many of UW Oshkosh’s graduate programs have specific admissions requirements in addition to, or different from the Office of Graduate Studies’ admissions requirements, it’s important to consult with each programs’ individual website for these details. View the program-specific requirements…

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