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Library Media Licensure

Library Media Specialist Licensure

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction certifies Library Media Specialists at two levels — 902 initial and 902 professional.

Candidates must hold or be eligible for a teaching license in an area other than school library media services to be eligible for the Initial Instructional Library Media Specialist (902 Initial) license. Undergraduate students may select Library/Media as a minor at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Graduate students may take these courses as special students, or as the emphasis area for the Masters degree in Educational Leadership. Alternative licensure avenues are available to students as described in the following Advising letter.

To qualify for a Professional Instructional Library Media Specialist (902 Professional, was 902) license, an applicant must have held an Initial Library Media Specialist license for at least three years and complete a master's degree or the equivalent in an approved program. Many people complete the MS-Educational Leadership program here at UW Oshkosh.

Additionally, our campus offers licensure for the Library Media Supervisor. An applicant must hold the 902 Professional License with an accompanying master's degree and complete additional coursework.

A Library Media Specialist (LMS) is:

  • A teacher. The LMS works with students and teachers to analyze learning and information needs, to locate and use resources that will meet those needs, and to understand and communicate the information the resources provide. Essentially, the LMS is  teaching students how to use the library media center and its resources.
  • An instructional partner. The LMS joins with teachers to identify links with curricular content, learning outcomes, student information needs, and information resources. The LMS takes a leadership role in developing policies, practices, and curricula that help students develop information literacy skills.
  • An information specialist. The LMS provides expertise in acquiring and evaluating information resources in all formats; in bringing an awareness of information issues to teachers, administrators, and students; and in modeling strategies for locating, accessing, and evaluating information within and beyond the library media center.
  • A program administrator. The LMS guides and directs all the activities related to the library media program. The LMS is an advocate for the library media program, and is proficient in the management of staff, budgets, equipment, and facilities.


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