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Here are some of the articles that I've written that I can find on the Internet. I'm also posting links to articles that former students have written.

Grace's articles

When the Whole World Mumbles, my article in the New York Times Well column about getting hearing aids at age 44.

Selling the Brand You, my article in Motto magazine about being a corporate-sponsored-doughnut-lovin'-back-of-the-pack marathoner shuffling through the New York Marathon.

 Brand You


Shoe-Gooder, my article in Motto magazine about Blake Mycoskie, owner of TOMS shoes, whose winning business strategy defies business school standards.

Community by the Shelfload, my article in Worthwhile magazine is about the coolest independent bookseller ever, Mitch Kaplan of Books & Books in Coral Gables, Fla.


Going the Distance, my article in Wisconsin magazine, about the amazing ultramarathoners whose mantra is "If the bone ain't showin', you keep on goin'. For  this race, I teamed up with Steve Szydlik, often referred to as the Michael Jordan of the Ice Age 50.
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