Caution Grace Under Pressure

My name is Grace Lim. I teach journalism and I produce COLS Special Reports for the College of Letters and Science at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

Three things about me:

  • I look nothing like this photo.
  • My students soon learn to preface their questions with this one: Have you eaten yet? 
  • I love a good story.

If you need more factoids about me, please see my heavily edited bio.

And if you ever encounter Oprah, deny ever knowing me.




  • The Hottest Women at UW Oshkosh

    The Hottest Women at UW Oshkosh

    The sizzling hot (literally) women (and men) are in Teresa Lind's Advanced Sculpture class at UW Oshkosh, where they learn to pour metal and make beautiful 3-D pieces. For journalists, immersed in 2-D mediums, metal pouring was an awesome sight to behold. The melted bronze in the crucible, the container that holds the metal, gets upwards of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

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  • What in the World is Trent Eating?

    What in the World is Trent Eating?

    [Baptism by Fire]After a hard day of shooting, we all sat down and had a hearty late, late meal. Trent's heartier than most.

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  • People Power

    People Power

    [Baptism by Fire] Three things about Shawn McAfee and Brian Ledwell of UW Oshkosh's Media Services: 1. They look nothing like this photo. 2. They are magicians, just like Penn and Teller, if Penn and Teller were a graphic artist and a multimedia developer. 3. They make everything visual more beautiful. (Hence, the pretty photo of themselves.)

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  • The Process, the Pain

    The Process, the Pain

    [Baptism by Fire] The scars from the War: Through Their Eyes project have yet to fade when I decided to drag Shawn McAfee into another Super-Secret, all-consuming multimedia faculty-student collaboration.

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  • Where in the World is Mark?

    Where in the World is Mark?

    [Baptism by Fire] Did Mark get lost on the way to class and end up in Antarctica? Nah...

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  • Baptism by Fire

    Baptism by Fire

    [Baptism by Fire] My favorite journalism professors and editors were the ones who threw me to the baying dogs, fully expecting me to come out with a Page 1 story. Never mind any cuts and bruises, real or imagined. Baptism by Fire stories will focus on much kinder and gentler approach to teaching. Fair warning: Please do not attempt this at home or while driving a big rig.

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  • Grace Teaches While Shawn Evades

    Grace Teaches While Shawn Evades

    [Baptism by Fire] I've known Trent Hilborn and Mark Mazur for all of 20 minutes when I felt they were ready for Grace's Rules of Good Journalism.

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  • The Story Behind the Story

    The Story Behind the Story

    [Story behind the Story] In my heyday as a daily news reporter, I love the backstories -- the story behind the story -- heard in the newsroom. This new Story Behind the Story series allows me to share that little ray of sunshine from my distant past. Every COLS Special Reports has a story behind it. Get the unvarnished truthiness here.

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  • Andre Gaskins, the Cello Man

    Andre Gaskins, the Cello Man

    [Story Behind the Story] Before I get to Andre Gaskins, the director of orchestral activities and cello at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, I have to make a couple of confessions. First, I am a rabid nonvoting American Idol fan. There. I said it. My husband shudders at my inexplicable affinity for what he calls "really bad 80s music." But we do agree on one thing. We both love what Andre Gaskins can do with his cello.

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  • Troy Perkins: the Man, the Myth

    Troy Perkins: the Man, the Myth

    [Story Behind the Story] In the COLS Special Reports Filmmaker & Teacher, I got to see Troy Perkins in action. As one of his radio-TV-film student says quite succinctly, "The man knows his stuff."

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  • An Icy Reception

    An Icy Reception

    [Baptism by Fire] My intrepid crew Mark Mazur (left) and Trent Hilborn (far right) and the Lee brothers (Colin and Perry) on Lake Poygan. Apparently I was the only sane one. I stayed on the boat. BTW, I took this awesome photo with my discontinued $88 Kodak M420. Low budget, indeed.

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