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To fulfill the requirements of the Global Scholar Certificate, students will need to demonstrate completion of a “hands on” global experience. Documenting their own global experience and reflecting on their learning and personal development is a central feature of a UWO Global Scholar. Students are asked to do this documenting and reflecting in an electronic format, an ePresentation, that can be shared – with you, with the Global Scholar Council, and with the campus community.

The overall goal of the ePresentation is for students to tie together their global experience with other learning experiences by documentingreflecting, and projecting into the future. Please see the student version of the ePresentation information for detailed information and guidelines for the ePresentation.

Initiating, completing and submitting the ePresentation  

The “global experience” requirement of the Global Scholar Certificate is not about credits; it’s about student growth and development as a global scholar. Completing this step requires the student to work with their advisor (ideally the faculty member who supervised your global experience – but it could be a major advisor or a staff member) to complete and submit the ePresentation. Completion of the Global Experience and ePresentation will be marked as Satisfied on a student’s Advisement Report.

Students should follow (roughly) these steps to completion:

Step 1:  Prior to the global experience, the student should identify an advisor to work with

Step 2:  The student should talk to advisor and fill out a pre-check form prior to their global experience – this is an opportunity for advisors to go over the ePresentation information with the student and recommend a time frame for completion. The timing is flexible – for students who do their global experience early (as a sophomore for example) it may make sense to prepare a draft documenting and reflecting right away and then to go back as a senior, once they have taken more global scholar courses and complete a final draft of the ePresentation. This timing is something you will want to discuss with your advisee.

Step 3:  Ideally the student has a wonderful and transformative global experience

Steps 4 & 5:  The student should prepare a draft of an ePresentation on their own and then share that draft with you for an initial review

Step 6:  Completion of the ePresentation is documented by the student’s advisor. You will need to sign off on a form provided by the Global Scholar Council.

Step 7:  The student must submit the ePresentation electronically to the Global Scholar Council

Step 8:  The Global Scholar Council will evaluate the completed form and report completion to the Registrar

“What ifs”

What if I have student who has come up with their own experience; how can I be sure their experience will “count”? Contact the Global Scholar Council to discuss the student’s plans and options prior to submitting a pre-check form.

What if I have student who did not complete a pre-check form? The student has already undertaken their experience; now what? All is not lost! This student may be just fine. Contact the Global Scholar Council to discuss the situation. Most likely the student need only start in the middle – about steps 4 and 5 and go from there.

What if I have a student who wants me to sign off on their ePresentation, but I was not involved in the pre-check and did not supervise their global experience. Can I still sign off?  Yes you can, provided the student submitted a pre-check form you feel that the ePresentation is meeting expectations. If you have any questions or concerns that the student’s “experience” would not qualify as a Global Experience given the information you have, and/or you do not know if the student filled out a pre-check form, please contact the Global Scholar Council.

What if I have a student who needs more help than I can or am willing to provide? Please talk to the student right away about what you can and cannot offer them with respect to support and advising. Suggest an alternative faculty or staff member and/or have the student contact the Global Scholar Council assistance.

CETL Faculty Development Opportunities

Specific faculty development opportunities, such as a global learning and citizenship best practice certification, can be found under the Professional Development Tab on the CETL website.

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