Global Course Review and Approval Process


What Chairs and ADAs need to know

  1. Prepare the Appropriate Form (these are available from the Provost’s website):
    1. If your course is brand new, submit Form A (along with the syllabus inserted into the form).
    2. If your course is an existing course that is being modified, submit Form B (along with the syllabus inserted into the form).
    3. For Global Citizenship (GC) Courses, the USP Form must accompany your Form A or Form B.
  2. Department Curriculum Committee / Department Chair
    1. Check the appropriate box (Global Citizenship (USP) or Global Scholar (300/400 level) on the form)
    2. Departments should check to make sure global syllabi meet the GC or GS requirements. See the Essentials tab for guidance as well as the check sheets provided for course review.
    3. Make it clear on form how the course meets these requirements.
    4. If the course is a USP – Global Citizenship course, be sure it meets the USP course approval guidelines: There are specific requirement for Quest courses, for signature question content, and for Explore courses.
    5. If you need assistance or have questions contact Global Scholar Council Chair (
  3. Have the Form and Syllabus pre-reviewed by the Global Scholar Council Chair: this is a required collaborative peer review step to facilitate revisions if needed and to help  move the course through the approval process.
  4. Gain the signature of the Registrar on the form.
  5. Send the signed forms to your Dean’s office for distribution into the review and approval pipeline.

Tips and tricks for course review and approval

Make it easy for others to evaluate your Form and syllabus.

Be very clear on your Form A or B about how the course meets the appropriate global course requirements – where appropriate explicitly describe how your course meets each of requirements for designation. Copy and paste the key elements from your syllabus such as the global learning goals. Make sure you syllabus is explicit and detailed enough for approval bodies to assess that global learning criteria are infused throughout the whole course – be specific, name your case studies, make global connections obvious.