Global Learning Goals

  • Students will gain knowledge of global systems, movements, institutions of cooperation and / or fundamental international agreements
  • Students will acquire knowledge of and appreciation for diverse beliefs, ideas, traditions, and / or  geographical, social, political, or economic systems
  • Students will examine how diversity in value systems and cultures and / or inequities among geographical, social, political, or economic systems have shaped past and / or contemporary global challenges and opportunities  
  • Students will be able to recognize the construction of identity as shaped by cultural heritage and / or patterns of power or privilege
  • Students will gain competency or familiarity with different forms of intercultural communication
  • Students will recognize diverse methodological or disciplinary lenses used to examine global challenges, past or present
  • Students will recognize the connections, past or present, between personal experiences, local action, and global impact 
  • Students will critically, creatively, independently and / or collaboratively engage with global challenges and opportunities