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The Lab Library has an extensive collection of German, French and Spanish films in VHS and DVD formats covering a wide range of subjects including language skills, music, literature, art and civilization. These materials may be checked out from the lab by instructors only.

Students may view any of our video holdings in either the lab or in the small viewing room. Because these video materials belong to the respective language program, video materials may not be taken out of the lab

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Video NoTitleSubjectDateLengthFormatStandardegion Co
SV-001All About My MotherTragedy, Drama, Award Winner1999102 minDVDNTSC1
SV-002Amores PerrosDrama, Thriller, Mexico, Award Winner2000153 minDVDNTSC1
SV-021GuantanameraComedy, Drama, Satire, Romance, Cuba1995104 minDVDNTSC1
SV-025Soy Cuba / I Am CubaOppression of Cuban people1964140 minDVDNTSC1
SV-027Johnny 100 PesosHorror, Thriller, Suspense, Action199395 minDVDNTSC1
SV-038PixoteBrazil, Poverty, Crime, Violence, Drama1981127 minDVDNTSC1
SV-045Secrets of the HeartChildren, Drama, Death1997108 minDVDNTSC1
SV-083Acts of Faith: Jewish Civilization in SpainDocumentary, Spain, Jewish, Historical200450 minDVDNTSC
SV-084The Blending of Culture: The Latino ExperieDocumentary, Hispanics, Culture, United States200430 minDVDNTSC
SV-085Conversations with Ilan Stavans: Julia AlvarInterview, Author, Novel, Writing, Literature, Alv200630 minDVDNTSC
SV-086Conversations with Ilan Stavans: EsmeraldaInterview, Author, Memoir, Writing, Literature, S200630 minDVDNTSC
SV-087El Mundo HispanohablanteLanguage, Spanish-Speaking World, Culture200417 minDVDNTSC
SV-088Garcia Marquez: Un Viaje al Corazon de laBiography, Documentary, Marquez, Novel, Colo200428 minDVDNTSC
SV-089The Hispanic Americans: One or Many CultHispanics, Culture, Society, Race, Immigration,200444 minDVDNTSC
SV-090The House of Bernarda Albadrama1987103 minDVDNTSC
SV-093Martin Fierro-Poema Gaucheso ArgentinoPoetry, Fierro, Argentina, Gaucho, Literature, 19200330 minDVDNTSC
SV-094My Americas (2 discs, 13 episodes)documentary, educational2004324 minDVDNTSC
SV-095The Other Conquest (La Otra Conquista)Conquistador, Mexico, Cortes, Aztec, Religion,1999105 minDVDNTSC1
SV-096Pablo Neruda/Borges/DarioBiography, Neruda, Dario, Borges, Documentar199690 minDVDNTSC
SV-097Sor Juana Inez De la Cruzbiography, educational199035 minDVDNTSC
SV-098After the ImmigrantDocumentary, Immigration, United States, Mexi2007170 minDVDNTSC
SV-09916th Century Perceptions of Latin America:Documentary, Historical, Conquistador, 16th Ce198827 minDVDNTSC
SV-120City of GodCrime, Drama2002130 minDVDNTSC
SV-128The House of Bernarda Alba (Copy 2)drama1987103 minDVDNTSC1
SV-130ARIAdrama, romance, film studies198786 minsDVDNTSC1
SV-131Arráncame la vidadrama, history2010110 minDVDNTSC1
SV-132Caballos Salvajescomedy, drama, romance1995122 minDVDNTSC1
SV-133Even the Raindrama, history2010103 minDVDNTSC1
SV-134Herenciacomedy, drama200695 minDVDNTSC1
SV-135Love in the Time of Choleradrama, romance2007139 minDVDNTSC1
SV-136Of Love and Shadowsdrama1994103 minDVDNTSC1
SV-137MachucaBiography, drama2004115 minDVDNTSC1
SV-138Men With Gunsdrama1997127 minDVDNTSC1
SV-139Papers: Stories of Undocumented Youthbiography, drama, documentary200988 minDVDNTSC1
SV-140The Secret In Their EyesDrama, mystery, thriller2006129 minDVDNTSC1
SV-141Ciudad Juarez: Tan Infinito Como El Desierbiography, drama, documentary, thriller2007207 minDVDNTSC1
SV-142The TakeDocumentary200487 minDVDNTSC1
SV-143Wetback: The Undocumented DocumentaryDocumentary200591 minDVDNTSC1
SV-144CamilaLove, Romance, MeloDrama, Drama, Argentina1984105 minDVDNTSC1
SV-189The MissionAdventure, Drama, History1986125 minDVDNTSC1
SV-190El laberinto del fauno (Pan's Labyrinth)Drama, Fantasy, War2006118 minDVDNTSC1
SV-191Like Water for ChocolateDrama, Romance1992105 minDVDNTSC1
SV-190La Misión (The Mission, Copy 2)Adventure, Drama, History1986125 minDVDPAL2
SV-191El Emperador y sus LocurasAnimation, Adventure, Comedy200078 minDVDPAL2
SV-192La Strada per el DoradoAnimation, Adventure, Comedy200079 minDVDPAL2
SV-193El CidAdventure, Biography, Drama1961182 minDVDNTSC1
SV-194ApocalyptoAction, Adventure, Drama2006139 minDVDPAL2