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The Lab Library has an extensive collection of German, French and Spanish films in VHS and DVD formats covering a wide range of subjects including language skills, music, literature, art and civilization. These materials may be checked out from the lab by instructors only.

Students may view any of our video holdings in either the lab or in the small viewing room. Because these video materials belong to the respective language program, video materials may not be taken out of the lab

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Call NumberTitleSubjectsDateLengthFormatStandard
FV-166à la modecomedy199389 minDVDNTSC
FV-167#1Anatomy of French Sounds- Phonetics, Disk Oneeducational1999110 minDVDNTSC
FV-167#2Anatomy of French Sounds- Phonetics, Disk Twoeducational1999110 minDVDNTSC
FV-167#3Anatomy of French Sounds- Phonetics, Disk Threeeducational1999110 minDVDNTSC
FV-168Améliecomedy, drama, romance2001122 minDVDNTSC
FV-169Aprés Vouscomedy2005110minDVDNTSC
FV-170100% Arabicacomedy199785 minDVDNTSC
FV-171Au Revoir les Enfantsdrama, WWII1987101 minDVDNTSC
FV-172Balzac: A Passionate Lifedrama, biography1999186 minDVDNTSC
FV-173Black Girl: Borom Sarretdrama196560 minDVDNTSC
FV-174Brotherhood of the Wolfaction, horror2002152 minDVDNTSC
FV-175Changing TimesDVD
FV-176Cachedrama, mystery, thriller2005118 minDVDNTSC
FV-177Café au Laitromantic comedy199391 minDVDNTSC
FV-178Cet Amour-Làdrama200195 minDVDNTSC
FV-179Changing Timesdrama, romance2004100 minDVDNTSC
FV-180The Children of Chabannesdocumentary199993 minDVDNTSC
FV-181Chocolatdrama, racist society1988106 min.DVDNTSC
FV-182The Chorusdrama200497 minDVDNTSC
FV-183Cyrano de Bergeraccomedy, drama, history, roma 1990138 minDVDNTSC
FV-184The Dinner Gamecomedy199872 minDVDNTSC
FV-185Don Juanromance, drama199891 minDVDNTSC
FV-186Children of Paradiseromance, drama1945190 minDVDNTSC
FV-187Exilesdrama, adventure2004104 minDVDNTSC
FV-188The Horseman on the Roof (also available in VHS fordrama, adventure1996119 minDVDNTSC
FV-189Joyeux Noeldrama, WWI2005116 minDVDNTSC
FV-190La Chevrecomedy198291 minDVDNTSC
FV-191LaCombe, Luciendrama1974138 minDVDNTSC
FV-192L'auberge Espagnolecomedy, romance2003122 minDVDNTSC
FV-193L'enfantdrama200596 minDVDNTSC
FV-194Les Compérescomedy198488 minDVDNTSC
FV-195My Father's Gloryadventure, drama, biography1990110 minDVDNTSC
FV-198Small Changedrama, comedy1976105 minDVDNTSC
FV-199Sugar Cane Alleydrama1983107 minDVDNTSC
FV-200Time Outdrama2001128 minDVDNTSC
FV-201To Be & To Havedocumentary2002104 minDVDNTSC
FV-202Touki Boukidrama197385 minDVDNTSC
FV-203Tous les Matins du Mondedrama, romance, biography1991115 minDVDNTSC
FV-204Un Coeur en Hiverdrama, romance1992101 minDVDNTSC
FV-205A Very Long Engagementdrama, romance, mystery2003133 minDVDNTSC
FV-206The Visitorscomedy1993107 minDVDNTSC
FV-207The Wild Childdrama197085 minDVDNTSC
FV-208Karmen Geimusical, drama200182 minDVDNTSC
FV-209Life on Earthdrama199861 minDVDNTSC
FV-210Lumumbadrama, biography, history2000115 minDVDNTSC
FV-211Mandabidrama196890 minDVDNTSC
FV-212Abounadrama200284 minDVDNTSC
FV-213Daresalemdrama2000105 minDVDNTSC
FV-214Madame Brouettedrama2002104 minDVDNTSC
FV-215Xalacomedy1974123 minDVDNTSC
FV-216La France et la Francophonie (with book)educational200586 minDVDNTSC
FV-279Le violon rouge (The Red Violin)Drama, Mystery, Romance1998170 minDVDNTSC
FV-280Marie AntoinetteBiography, Drama, History206123 minsDVDNTSC
FV-281Avenue MontaigneComedy, Drama Romance2006101 minDVDNTSC
FV-282Monsieur IbrahimDrama200395 minDVDNTSC
FV-283Le grand voyageDrama2004108 minDVDNTSC
FV-284IntouchablesBiography, Comedy, Drama2011112 minDVDNTSC
FV-285La battaglia di AlgeriDrama, War1967121 minDVDNTSC
FV-286Indigènes (Days of Glory)Drama, War2006120 minDVDNTSC
FV-287Qu'Allah bénisse la France! (B/W)Drama201495 minDVD-2PAL
FV-288DheepanDrama, Crime2015115 minDVD-2PAL
FV-289La belle saisonDrama, Romance2015100 minDVD-2PAL
FV-290FatimaDrama, Family201579 minDVD-2PAL
FV-291La loi du marchéDrama201593 minDVD-2PAL
FV-292En mai, fais ce qu'il te plaîtDrama, History2015115 minDVD-2PAL
FV-293Tout ce qui brilleComedy2010100 minDVD-2PAL
FV-294La vie d'Adèle - Chapitres 1 et 2 (Blue Is the WarmesDrama, Romance2013180 minDVD-1NTSC
FV-295Après HitlerDocumentary201690 minDVD-2PAL
FV-296Les chevaliers blancs (The White Knights)Drama2015112 minDVD-2PAL
FV-297La Haine (B/W)Crime, Drama199598 minDVD-1NTSC
FV-298SambaComedy, Drama2014119 minDVD-1NTSC
FV-299PauletteComedy, Crime201387 minDVD-1NTSC
FV-300DivinesCrime, Drama2016105 minDVD-2PAL
FV-301Peur de Rien (Parisienne)Drama2015119 minDVD-2PAL
FV-302SwaggerDocumentary201684 minDVD-2PAL
FV-303Paulette (Copy 2)Comedy, Crime201387 minDVD-1NTSC