Japanese こんにちは!

As one of the closest U.S. allies and partners in Asia, Japan has built strong cultural, economic and diplomatic relationships with the United States. Learning Japanese culture, history and language will open the door to explore the country in depth and prepare you to be an active cultural ambassador.

Japan has one of the largest economies in Asia and U.S. companies continuously look for employees who can speak Japanese to advance their strategic interests in Asian markets. Japanese on your resume will help you stand out from the crowd and give you a better chance to pursue an international career.

The core Japanese language courses help you acquire the necessary linguistic skills to communicate in Japanese and develop a cultural awareness necessary to ensure smooth communication. Students are strongly encouraged to start their first year at UW Oshkosh so that they can achieve higher levels of proficiency and take advantage of learning opportunities offered through the upper-level electives. All courses are primarily taught in Japanese.


  • Conversation table
  • Oshkosh Taiko (Japanese Taiko-Drumming Group)
  • Annual awards celebration
  • Club Nippon (Student Organization)


Students who study Japanese are eligible to participate in the official partnership programs in Japan.

  • Nagasaki Junior College Study/Internship Program, Nagasaki
  • Seijo University, Tokyo
  • University of Nagasaki, Siebold Campus, Nagasaki


USA Summer Camp is an English language camp for Japanese students, kindergarten through college-age in Nagasaki and Fukuoka, Japan. You can work as an “American camp counselor,” working with Japanese students on a variety of English language skills through recreational and social activities.

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