French is one of the most widely spoken languages globally. Our program will give you a thorough grasp of the linguistic complexity of the language but also a functional understanding of its cultural diversity and global impact.

Students who combine a French major or minor with another field of study (e.g. business, international studies, history or communication studies) will diversify their professional skills and expand career opportunities. Future teachers may consider adding English as a Second Language or another global language.


  • Editors and proofreaders
  • English instructors in French-speaking countries
  • Film directors
  • Foreign exchange traders
  • Foreign service officers
  • Middle/high school teacher
  • Public relations
  • Translators and interpreters
  • Travel agents
  • University professors
  • Writers/journalists


  • French-focused departmental events include: exhibits, presentations and film screenings
  • Informational meetings are held fall semester of every academic year. All aspects of the program are introduced: coursework, advising and study abroad
  • Intern abroad
  • Study abroad
  • Annual awards celebration


Contact Us

French Coordinator
Nadia Louar
Clow Faculty 322
(920) 424-0219