Geology Speaker Series

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Fall 2023

December 7: Dr. Yara Haridy, “The Deep Time Origin of Bone Biology and the Vertebrate Skeleton” 

November 9: Dr. Jonathan Warnock, “Using Ancient Sedimentary DNA to Reveal Antarctic’s History”

Spring 2023 

April 13: Dr. Shawn Malone, “Revisiting the Marshfield Terrane: What do we know, where do we go, and how can I get there?”

March 30: Billy Fitzpatrick, “Sulfide mineralization in southern Wisconsin: Human history and a study of its origins”

Fall 2022

October 27: Dr. David Grimley, “The penultimate (Illinois episode) glaciation in Illinois”

September 29: Dr. Lindsay McHenry, “The minerals of Olduvai Gorge: reconstructing the volcanic, stratigraphic, and paleoenvironmental record of this classic hominid site”

Spring 2022

April 7: Douglas Fowler, “The long memory of lunar rocks: lunar exploration, Moon rocks, and Apollo”

February 24: Falyn Strey, “Fluid flow and deformation along the Willard thrust fault, Utah”

Fall 2021

November 4: Eli Schukow, “The Watercourse Way: A Hydrogeology Flowpath from UWO to Central Washington”

October 22: Dr. Jason Coenen, “International Ocean Drilling, UW Oshkosh & Secrets of the Deep Revealed by Diatoms”



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