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UW Oshkosh Geology Advising

UW Oshkosh Academic Resource Center is a good place to get advising help.

If it's further information about geology that you need or you just want to chat with a geologist, any faculty member in the Department of Geology will be happy to talk with you.

Geology Program Advising Resources:


Geology Department Advisers

Benjamin Hallett  424-0868 

Eric Hiatt 424-7001 (

Joe Peterson 424-4463 (

William Mode 424-7004 (

Maureen Muldoon  424-4461  (

Tim Paulsen  424-7002  (

Jennifer Wenner  424-7003 (


Getting Started as a New Geology or Earth Science Major or Minor 

If you recently declared a geology or earth science major, you will receive a letter from the Department Chair welcoming you and assigning you a Geology faculty member as your academic adviser. The letter informs you that each semester you will have a registration stop that can only be removed after you have met with your adviser and discussed your educational plans and goals. It is critical that at your first meeting with your Geology adviser, you create a four-year plan that will enable you to take all the courses that you need to be able to graduate. This is particularly important because certain upper-level geology courses are offered every other year so you must plan ahead. In addition to the course work, other experiences that you should plan for include research projects in collaboration with faculty members and internships in industry or government. See and search USGS.

Every geology major receives the Department's electronic newsletter. Read it carefully, and take advantage of the opportunities that it contains such as Geology Club speakers and research experiences. Besides Geology Club, there are a number of ways to be involved in the Department including being a laboratory teaching assistant or a tutor. These positions pay salary, but more importantly, they provide excellent learning experiences. Get involved!


Finishing Your Geology or Earth Science Major or Minor

As you finish your coursework, review this brief list of next steps to take:

At this stage of your education, you already should have established a good working relationship with your geology adviser, as well as with other geology professors, so get help from one or more of them: ask them to read/edit your applications, cover letter, and resume. They will gladly help.



Yes, eventually you will graduate, but please do not cut your ties with your geology professors and this department. Keep us informed of your whereabouts and your career. Come see us when you are in town, and connect with us at professional meetings. Attend the Geology Alumni Reception at Homecoming. When you are established, donate to one of the many departmental scholarships. Have a great life!

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