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What do geologists do?

With a B.S. Geology degree from UW Oshkosh, you will have a number of opportunities:

If you have questions about being a geology major or a geologist that are not answered at any of these links, feel free to contact us, check out our Geology Major's Handbook , and plan to attend our annual information meetings for prospective geology majors, as well as Geology Club speakers and meetings.

Career Opportunities

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This information is intended to help you get started looking for a job. It is neither an exhaustive list nor a "how-to" recipe. Some of the links will take you to Web pages that are extensive and provide "how-to" information, e.g., Madison's Water Resources Institute's site "Finding a Water-Related Job".

Government Jobs


Websites Listing Jobs


Websites Belonging to Employers

  • AECOM — Global, including WI (Oshkosh, Green Bay, Middleton, Sheboygan, Milwaukee, Stevens Point)
  • ARCADIS G & M (Geraghty & Miller), Inc. — Global, including WI (Milwaukee) IL, IN, MI, MN
  • Ayres Associates — National, including WI (Eau Claire, Green Bay, Madison, Waukesha), MI, MN
  • Barr Engineering, Inc. — Regional, including MI, MN, MO 
  • Bonestroo — Upper Midwest, including offices in WI (Crivitz, Elkhorn, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Park Falls, Waupun)
  • CB&I - Global, including an office in WI (Madison), Al, AR, CA, CO, DE, FL, GA, IL, KS, LA, MA, MD, NC, NJ, NM, NV, OH, PA, SC, TN, TX, WA
  • CH2M HILL — Global, including offices in WI (Plover and Milwaukee), MN, IA, MI, IL
  • ERM Group, Inc. — Global, including Appleton and Milwaukee
  • Foth — Regional, including WI (Green Bay and Milwaukee), MN, IA
  • GZA Environmental, Inc. — National, including Waukesha, WI
  • IEA Infastructure and Energy Alternatives LLC- Global 
  • MWH (Montgomery Watson Harza Engineering) — Global, including WI (Cedarburg, Madison, Milwaukee), IL, MI, MN, IA, IN
  • NTH Consultants, Ltd. — Office in MI and PA
  • OTIE, Inc.  — National, including WI (Dodgeville, Madison, Milwaukee, and Oneida)
  • SCS Engineers — International, including offices in IA, OH, MO
  • STS AECOM Consultants, Ltd. — Offices in WI, IL, MI, MN, IA, IN, OH
  • URS Corp. — Global, including offices in WI (Appleton, Madison, Milwaukee), IL, IN, IA, MI, MN


Other Employers in Wisconsin


Mineral Industry

The mineral industry is a major employer of geologists and geoscientists (e.g. geochemists, geophysicists). Careers in the mineral industry require exceptional knowledge in a wide range of geological disciplines including mineralogy, petrology (igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic), geochemistry, geophysics, sedimentology and stratigraphy, structural geology, tectonics and volcanology. Superb hand sample mineral and rock identification skills, excellent mapping techniques (at scales ranging from extremely detailed (e.g. 1:100 scale) to regional (1:1,000,000 scale) and drill core logging techniques, knowledge of geographic information systems (GIS), excellent computer applications skills, a desire to keep current with the geological literature, the ability to travel and work effectively in remote areas, and exceptional people skills are absolute requirements to become an effective and successful economic geologist.

Our recent graduates working in the minerals industry have reported that this industry is currently very actively recruiting and hiring geology majors for contract and full time employment in mineral exploration and mining geologist positions. 

Selected UW Oshkosh Geology alumni working in the mineral industry.

  • Heidi Drexler, Consulting Geologist
  • Adam Hoffman, Mine Geologist, Newmont Gold
  • Jason Odette, Exploration Geologist, BHP-Biliton
  • Dr. Steve Osterberg, Consulting Geologist
  • Andrew Turner, Geologist, OMYA California/OMYA Arizona, Inc.
  • Jordan Wilson, Consulting Geologist
  • Christopher J. Van Treeck, Senior Geologist, Avalon Development Corporation
Major mineral industry recruiting websites


Selected Mineral Industry Corporate Sites / Government Sites


Selected Economic Geology Societies


Petroleum Industry

The petroleum industry is one of the largest employers of geologists. A career in the petroleum industry provides exciting opportunities to apply a diverse range of geologic skills (sedimentary geology, petrography, structural geology, tectonics, paleontology, geochemistry and hydrogeology) to small and large scale problems involving earth history, sedimentary and tectonic evolution of basins, the stratigraphic and structural architecture of basins and resevoirs, the evolution of petroleum systems, and fluid flow in reservoirs.

Our recent graduates in the oil industry have reported that the oil industry is currently actively recruiting and hiring geology majors for full time employment in geoscience positions in oil and gas exploration and production. 

UW Oshkosh Geology alumni working in the oil and gas industry.

Please feel free to constact with your questions about employment in the oil industry, with questions about graduate school, and fopr tips on resumes / interviewing etc.

Major Oil Industry Recruiting Websites

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