What Is Geology?

Working to understand our world

Geology, sometimes referred to as geoscience or earth science, is the study of structures and dynamics of natural land and water resources. Geologists seek to understand the history of our planet and its relevance to the needs of society.

Geology is unique because it combines aspects of biology, physics, chemistry and geography and applies them to the Earth.

Geologists are Needed!

A shortage of about 150,000 geoscientists is predicted over this decade! Status of the Geoscience Workforce (AGI, 2014)

Geologists across the U.S. have a median salary of $90,000

Geology as a Career

A Geology degree will give you a career focused on the Earth, environment, and climate change. Geologists can be found in a variety of work environments, such as natural resource companies, environmental consulting, government, non-profits, and higher education. Field work is generally a part of all geologic work, though you can find geologists at work in laboratories and offices as well.

    A four-year degree is needed for most entry-level positions. That said, many geologists go on to earn a master’s and/or doctorate degree. An advanced degree offers a higher level of training, often in a specialty such as paleontology, mineralogy, hydrology, or volcanology. A higher level of education can set a geologist up for leadership roles, research projects, or teaching positions at the university level. These types of roles are more highly sought after. Students who graduate with a strong academic background and are willing to relocate for work have no problem finding a job in the exciting field of geology.

    Interested in becoming a geologist? Invest your time in college preparatory courses, notably in math and science. You’ll also need strong writing skills. Additionally, computer skills and geography skills are valuable.

    Is Geology for me?

    Students who enjoy geology are interested in practical science. They love exploring the natural world, are naturally curious. They are applied problem solvers, wanting to use science to create relevant innovations for the modern world. And they love to be outside!

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