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Student Research

Undergraduate Geology Research Grants

The Department of Geology is pleased to announce the competition for undergraduate research grants.

These funds are available thanks to an endowment (The C.W. Fetter Endowed Research Fund) established through gifts from emeritus faculty members, alumni and current faculty members.

To qualify for one of these awards, which will average $200-$400, a student must have submitted a research grant proposal to one or more of several undergraduate research funding sources (GSA, Sigma Xi, or UW Oshkosh; see below for details). The proposal must have been written by the student, not the student’s research collaborator or the faculty.

To be considered for a Geology Research Grant, the student should submit to the Department Chair a copy of the research proposal that was submitted to one of the above sources along with a cover letter that explains how much funding has already been received and from what sources.

Proposals will be judged based upon their scientific merit, the proposer’s academic background and the budget justification.

Places to apply for undergraduate research grants:

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