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About the Geology Program

Our geology program focuses on undergraduate geology majors, and we take pride in our emphasis on field geology.

In addition to weekend field trips with most courses, we also run two field courses every year, one of which, summer Field Geology (344), is the capstone course and is taught in Utah.

Geology majors are strongly encouraged to pursue at least one research project in collaboration with a faculty member, all of whom have active research programs.

The Geology Major requires 44 credits. Students majoring in geology may choose from two emphases.

  1. Professional Geology
  2. Professional Hydrogeology

Or choose to major in education:

Or students may minor in Geology or Earth Science Education.


Our graduates are well-prepared for the job market and for graduate school, and we have an outstanding record of placing graduates in both of these arenas. Learn more about our program history.

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