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GIS Certificate

(effective Fall 2018)

 15 credits

Core Courses:

  • GEOG 241 – Introduction to GIS
  • GEOG 340 – Mapping & Visualization (prerequisite: GEOG 240 or 241)
  • GEOG 341 – Spatial Analysis (prerequisite: GEOG 241 or 340)
  • GEOG 441 – Advanced GIS (prerequisite: GEOG 341)

Choose 1 from the following:

  • GEOG 240 – Mapping our World
  • GEOG 382 – Remote Sensing of the Environment (prerequisite: GEOG 121, 240, or 241) 
  • GEOG 440 – Thematic Cartography (prerequisite: GEOG 340) 
  • COMP SCI 142 – Introduction to Computer Science & Programming
  • COMP SCI 221 – Object Oriented Design & Programming I


The growth in application areas of GIS as a specialized discipline represents a new way for individuals, agencies, and businesses to view the world. The expansion of jobs in GIS is anticipated to continue for many years. It is likely that all graduates, regardless of their particular field of interest or major, will at least be exposed to and probably use GIS in some capacity in the years ahead.

The GIS certificate prepares students for careers in this expanding technological field. The GIS certificate provides a solid technical background in GIS concepts and applications, including database design, global positioning systems (GPS), cartography, programming, visualization, spatial analysis, and interdisciplinary applications of the technology. GIS is one of the fastest growing employment sectors in the country. In fact, according to an Environmental System Research Institute (ESRI) survey, more than 80% of the data used for decision-making in government and industry has a spatial component. As such, the GIS certificate creates a number of opportunities for the Geography Department and the UW Oshkosh campus. For example, a GIS certificate allows more students (including students from outside the Department who do not necessarily require a full Geography major) to gain and enhance their GIS skills within the context of a recognized certificate program. The GIS certificate also allows geography majors to market their GIS skills to potential employers in a cohesive and well-defined way via this GIS certificate.


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