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Your faculty advisors in the Geography Program are invested in your success here at UWO and beyond. The program is committed to ensuring that geography majors fulfill University, degree, and program course requirements in a timely fashion. Our faculty advisors provide council toward breadth and depth of knowledge in Geography as well as provide insight into course choices that dovetail with your interests and goals.

All Geography majors have an Academic Plan folder kept on file kept on file in the Geography Department office. Each student folder contains, at a minimum, the Geography Major degree curriculum sheet and an Academic Plan sheet.  Additional data, such as a STAR report, GIS certificate curriculum, or other information may also be included.  The Academic Plan folder is a method of keeping a record of curriculum plans and other data available for the student and faculty advisor in a central and accessible location.  Prior to registration for each semester, a class enrollment hold will be placed on every Geography Major.  The hold will remain unit the student meets with his/her advisor and an academic plan for the upcoming semester is made.  Both the faculty advisor and the student need to sign the Academic Plan.  Only after the Academic plan has been agree to and signed may the enrollment hold be removed.

You will receive an email prior to registration that will notify you of the hold and provide the most current Geography Advising Newsletter (GAN). To identify your assigned faculty advisor, please check your TitanWeb information or see Melissa Giddings, our Academic Department Associate.

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