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GCC Conference Rooms

Conference Services offers the following meeting room amenities:

  • Variety of setups to suit individual conference needs
  • Approximately 35,000 sq. ft. of conference space
  • 8 meeting rooms plus additional floor lounges
  • Outdoor venue space
  • Cisco conference phone and computer data ports
  • Water service
  • Arrangements for use of other university facilities and classrooms

We have the ability to accommodate 5,400 participants.

For more information about each room, click on the navigation below.

GCC Conference Room Price and Capacity Chart


RoomTheaterClassroomConferenceBanquetSetup feeRental Rate Half/Full
Executive Conference Room--10--$15/$30
Oshkosh Room32182415$15$25/$50
Floor Lounges (16)24812-$15$25/$50
Badger State Break Off48182432$15$30/$60
University Room94423632$15$45/$90
Terrace Room56243024$15$50/$100
Titan Lounge145755080$20$80/$160
Badger State Room170995088$20$100/$200


Horizon Village Conference Room Price and Capacity Chart
(ask about availability)


RoomTheaterClassroomConferenceBanquetSetup feeRental Rate Half/Full
Study Lounge80422856$15$45/$90
Recreation Lounge15072-80$20$100/$200
Breese A191216-$10$15/$30
Breese B221218-$10$15/$30
Breese A & B412420-$15$30/$60


All prices for Setup Fee and Rental Rate are listed in US Dollars.

Looking For Student Employment?

GCC has several positions open for you to become part of our wonderful team. We have summer and EAA Positions as well. If you are curious about any of these positions, just reach out to us and we'll get back to you about how you can fit in with our team.