Technology Support

Technology support is provided for all students and employees via on-campus staff, central resources, and online tools. Support is available for classrooms, computer labs, offices, and conference rooms. The information and links below should help you access the support you need at the Fox Cities campus.


Getting Started

A variety of documentation is available through the IT Knowledgebase to help you navigate technology issues during your time on campus.  Here are a few common items to help you get started.


 Campus Support

To initiate on-campus support, please call (920-424-3020) or email ( the UW Oshkosh Help Desk. They will either be able to resolve your issue directly or will transfer it to the appropriate Fox Cities campus staff.

The Help Desk hours are currently listed on our Technology Centers page. If it’s after hours or you’d like to look for the answer yourself, please try to search our KnowledgeBase


Wireless Network

WIFI Name User Sign in with
Titan WiFi Students and Employees UW Oshkosh NetID
Titan WiFi Guest Guests

Please note:

  • Wireless access should be available throughout most of the campus.
  • If you have any problems connecting, please contact the Help Desk at 920-424-3020 or


Checking E-Mail

The Fox Cities campus provides every student and staff with an email account.  This is regarded as an official communication avenue for campus correspondence.  Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to check email accounts regularly for important announcements and messages.

Students can open a browser on any computer, on or off campus, and enter the following address: The password is the same as your password for the Campus Network (NetID).


Computer Labs

The Fox Cities campus has several computer labs available for general student access. Computer labs are open Mon–Fri 7 a.m.–5:30 p.m. Students and staff may log in at any of the computer labs.

  • Science Wing, Room 1015 – this lab is open whenever the building is open
  • Library, Room 1249
  • Instructional Computer Lab, Room 2819
  • Open Computer Lab, Room 2821



Printing on all campuses of UW Oshkosh is supported by Student Technology Fees and managed by a system called Pharos. Each student will be issued $10.00 initial starting balance one week before the Fall and Spring semesters. The initial starting balance for Summer session is $5.00. Balances which remain at the end of the semester or term will not be carried forward. Monochrome pages (2 sides) will be charged at a rate of $0.02 per page. Color pages (2 sides) will be charged at a rate of $0.16 per page. Printers are set to default to monochrome and duplex printing. You can change that default as needed. Students may add dollars to their account for additional pages via Online Deposits to their Titan Dollar. More information about printing can be found in this KnowledgeBase article. 


University Computer Use Policies

All university employees are responsible for complying with institutional policies governing their actions. As defined by the UW System, the Chief Information Officer is responsible for maintaining and enforcing information and technology policies. The following policies apply to all university employees and to all information regardless of medium (e.g. electronic or paper-based). For assistance or more information, please contact the Office of the CIO at (920) 424-4480. For further details, please see Information Technology Policies.


Popular Student Websites/Links


 Technology Software Purchases 


Information Technology Service Catalog

For a list of all available technology services, check out the IT Service Catalog. It provides information on how to get started with the service, requirements to use the service, and helpful links for each service. Employees may also be interested in the Campus Service Agreement, which outlines how services are provided to each campus. Additional information about IT services can be found at 


Student Technology Fee

A 2% fee is added to student tuition to generate funds to improve campus technology. Past proposals and strategic use of the funds set the budget. This is reviewed by the OSA Senate and then approved by the Chancellor annually. To find out more about its purpose and use, click here. 

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