Developmental Math Lab

How to find a tutor for Math 100, 101, or 103 at the Fox Cities campus

  • In-person tutoring sessions are conducted on a drop-in basis (no appointment necessary!) in the Developmental Math Lab, located in Room 1819. See the schedule below for the times the lab is staffed!
  • Online tutoring is offered through Zoom. In order to receive online tutoring, you must have access to a device with a minimum of audio capability. If you have any questions, your tutor will be able to provide instructions on how to use Zoom. Simply click on the link in the schedule below to connect with the tutor during their available times!

One-on-one appointments are available both virtually and in-person. Email the access campus math lab coordinator, Carrie Tirel to set something up!

Ways you can benefit from math tutoring.

  1. Come review notes with a tutor — we can help you go over the lecture again and fill in any gaps. This is especially helpful if the notes are from earlier in the term and you may not remember every little detail.
  2. Ask us for our favorite tricks and tips to help do problems more efficiently – quicker and with fewer errors.
  3. Ask us to help organize a study plan for you for the course – these tutors may have just taken the class themselves and know best how to plan your studying!
  4. Ask us to help ”connect the dots” – you shouldn’t have to memorize every single step or formula – let’s figure out the core ones and learn how to derive the rest. This will both help your mental math ability and help with mastery of the material.
  5. Go over practice problems, homework help, additional practice so you can master the material

If you have general questions or concerns about math tutoring at UWO Fox Cities, please send an email to Carrie Tirel at!

Developmental Math Tutor Schedule 

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Fox Cities Campus
1478 Midway Road
Menasha, WI 54952
(920) 832-2600