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Why Give?

UW Oshkosh changes lives. Students leave the University with newly forged friendships and the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in their chosen professions. The quality of their experience is impacted by their ability to focus on academics, be challenged by and interact with faculty, and benefit from the programs, resources and facilities that help them keep pace in our ever-changing world.

Our university is a great place to live, learn and grow but we can't do it without you. Your gift to the UW Oshkosh Foundation will help us change tomorrow together — one student, program, faculty member and facility at a time. Size doesn't matter. Even small gifts make big impacts. Your gift will count forever in the lives of those who benefit from your generosity.


Making an Impact



At UW Oshkosh we recruit the best, most deserving students and prepare them to thrive in a competitive global economy. More than 70 percent of our students rely on financial assistance to pursue their education.



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Recognized scholars and leaders in several fields, our faculty mentor, challenge and teach, making good students even better. Attracting and retaining excellent faculty remains a priority at UW Oshkosh.



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To build on its position of academic excellence, the University pursues initiatives and innovative programs in emerging fields. The enhancement of such programs propels academic status, attracts the best and brightest scholars and appeals to highly recognized educators.


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Creating a dynamic campus atmosphere that promotes learning is a top priority at UW Oshkosh. To achieve this goal, additional space is needed to accommodate growth. Your gifts enable UW Oshkosh to provide an optimal learning environment.


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Tell Us Your Story

The impact your support has made on UW Oshkosh can be seen throughout campus, the region and beyond. If you are a donor or the beneficiary of a gift, you are part of this legacy. To share why you chose to give or how support has influenced your life, we invite you to Tell Us Your Story.

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