Rose Legacy Society

UWO Foundation

Culver Family Welcome Center
625 Pearl Ave.
Oshkosh, WI 54901

(920) 424-2178

Establish a living legacy.

Alumni and friends who establish a living legacy with a planned gift to benefit the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Foundation, Inc. are recognized as members of the Rose Legacy Society. The society is named after Rose C. Swart, a true leader in education who served on the Oshkosh Normal School faculty for 51 years.

If you have named the Foundation as the beneficiary of a bequest, insurance policy, charitable lead or remainder trust or other planned gift, the Foundation would be happy to welcome you as a member. Please complete and return the Confidential Letter of Intent.

Please contact the UW Oshkosh Foundation at (920) 424-2178 or for more information.


Jean I. Caudle ’34, ’38*
Jean Nelson ’49*

Jennifer and Eric Anderson
Dr. D. Brent and Elaine Bandy
Courtney Bauder ’01, ’04
Mary Bayorgeon ’71
Annette Blanchette ’60*
Doris Bloye*
Werner Braatz*
Sandie Brick-Margelofsky ’86
Howard Broadway*
Mary Lou Broske ’60
Walter ’72 and Linda Busalacchi
Arnold and Charlene* Chalberg ’59, ’69
Rebecca Kuhn Cleveland ’73
Helen Deniger*
Judith Derocher ’62, ’78
Larry Didlo ’63
Joanne Dreps ’63*
James ’68 and Susan Dykstra
Nancy Elsberry
James ’70, Jane and Jennifer Fischer
Phyllis Frederick ’52
James ’69, ’76 and Patricia ’69 Freer
Tara Gagne ’93, ’98
David ’71 and Sharon Geurden
Carol Goff-Smith
Bret Goodman ’71
Joan T. Gottsacker*
Jane Gruber ’47*
Dr. Gerard and Linda Grzyb
Thomas ’68 and Carole ’68 Guyette
William Haidlinger ’58*
Betty Harrmann ’39, ’66*
Lois Haskamp ’46
Preston Hayward ’97
Dr. Barbara Herzog ’70, ’75
Russ ’64 and Jean (Kajfosz) ’64 Hutchison
Carol Kaufmann ’98
Marie Keefe ’79
Thomas ’71 and Pamela ’72 Kell
Ruth Kelsey ’36*
John and Patricia Kerrigan*
Douglas Kline ’79
Claudia L. Klopien ’73
Harold and Elizabeth (Birkholz) ’63 Kobbervig*
Patricia Koll ’68*
Dorothy Krippner*
Eileen Hanselman Kuhlers ’63
Marjorie Kundiger ’68, ’70*
Dr. Vicki Lord Larson
Elizabeth Larson*
Joan Luce*
Drs. Suzanne and Mark Marnocha
Joseph and Mary Jo Mazza
Cheryl Mellenthin ’79
James Miazga ’74
Eileen Moeller ’64*
Eldred Mugford ’74*
Barry ’95 and Stepheny Mulholland
Jane Atwood O’Connell ’34*
Norine Otradovec ’58*
Florence Palmer ’37*
Russell and Beatrice ’42 Peterson*
Beverly Pingel ’52
Thomas ’66 and Judy Pitcher
Marilyn Potter*
Larry G. ’74 and Mary L. Price
Gail ’75 and Gary ’74 Pucci
Daniel Raaf*
Beatrice Rake*
Elizabeth Rasmussen ’48*
Jim ’76 and Sharon Rath
Elizabeth Regan*
David J. Riese ’63
Elizabeth Rojahn ’38*
Mary Rueter ’30, ’47*
Kenneth and Mable Schaefer*
John ’69 and Linda Schuh
Carol Schulke
Orville Sherman ’39*
Merlin Silverthorn ’58*
Dr. Rosemary (Kmiecik) and Dennis Smith
John G. Spanbauer ’58*
John Stannard ’57*
Larry Steffes ’70
Gail Floether Steinhilber ’65
Joe ’86 and Karen (Law) Sullivan
Stanley Talarek ’62*
Sally ’59 and Dean ’64 Teresinski
Thelma Thompson ’41, ’44*
Betty Traugott ’60
Candice Tylke ’94*
Evelyn Uehling ’27*
Robert Vedder*
Gladys Veidemanis
Virginia Wagener ’53, ’73*
Corrie Joy West ’94
Gary Wick ’73*
David Wiercinski ’78*
Mary Willey*
Carl and Sue Ann ’71 Wilt
Hope and Nolan ’64 Yelich
Robert H.* and Randall K. Zentner ’78
Deb Vercauteren and John Zupanc

*Indicates a Rose Legacy Society member who has passed away.