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Golden Titan Scholarship awarded to Aleksandra Kubas

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University of Wisconsin Oshkosh junior and first-generation college student Aleksandra Kubas received the 2015 Golden Titan Endowed Scholarship on May 16, as part of the Class of 1965’s 50th-anniversary celebration.

Kubas, a biology major with a healthcare emphasis, lived in Poland until the age of 7, when her parents immigrated to the United States.

“I know they won a visa through the lottery,” Kubas said. “My mom was unemployed at the time and I think my dad’s place was shutting down, too, so they figured it would be better here.”

Kubas always dreamed of becoming a U.S. citizen. She studied for the citizenship test throughout high school to ensure she would pass with flying colors, which she did when she turned 18.

She applied to UWO in 2012 and was accepted. When Kubas toured, she fell in love with the campus.

“I love the views, the community feel and the small classrooms,” Kubas said.

UWO has helped with Kubas’ transition to, and success in, college. Her best experience so far is making friends through Student Support Services, a program for first-generation students. Through the SSS, she’s had an easier transition and expanded her knowledge of the resources available to students.

During her time at UWO, Kubas also has been part of the pre-medical society, the microbiology club and the Campus Awareness for Relationship Education (CARE) organization.

Her future goals include going to medical school and becoming a neonatologist.

“It’s always been about helping people,” Kubas said. “I adore kids probably more than the average person. I want to make an impact on someone’s life … some of them will never leave the intensive care unit. I just want to work with them.”

Kubas’ favorite part of earning the Golden Titan Endowed Scholarship was the irony in it.

“I actually won the Meadowvale Elementary School alumni scholarship, too,” Kubas said. “I thought it was really funny… and now I’m winning another alumni scholarship. I’m so thankful because $500 will go a long way with books and everything else I need.”

Since its launch by the Class of 1959, nearly 150 Golden Titan alumni have contributed to the Golden Titan Endowed Scholarship. For more information about contributing to the scholarship contact Alumni Relations by calling (920) 424-3449 or sending an email to


This story was originally published online in Engage Magazine, UW Oshkosh's alumni magazine, in May 2015.

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