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Establishing Criteria

Scholarship criteria may be determined by the donor. However, it is important that the criteria are not so narrow that it is difficult to find applicants who qualify. Donors may choose from many different approaches in defining the students who are eligible for their scholarships.


Recipients may be selected based upon:

  • college (Nursing, Education and Human Services, Business, Letters and Science)
  • major (chemistry, art, geography, accounting, etc.)
  • year of study or number of credits earned to date
  • graduate and/or undergraduate students
  • part-time and/or full-time students
  • grade-point average (in all courses and/or those related to a particular major)
  • financial need (required, not required, or of secondary consideration only)
  • extracurricular activities, such as honor societies and student organizations.

Note: NCAA Division III regulations prohibit awarding scholarships based upon participation in athletics.

Some scholarships have unique criteria of special interest to their donors. Awards may be limited to those students graduating from a certain high school or residing in a particular community. Other scholarships are offered to single parents or students who perform volunteer work. Scholarships may recognize specific qualities embodied by recipients, including academic excellence, artistic creativity, leadership, self-reliance and tradition.

Individuals who establish a scholarship through a bequest to the UW Oshkosh Foundation are advised to set up criteria for the scholarship in advance by working with the Foundation staff. This will ensure that the funds will be used according to the donor's wishes.

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