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We strongly encourage students majoring in Spanish to consult regularly their adviser to discuss plans and progress. This process should begin immediately after choosing Spanish as a major. Although your adviser’s signature is generally not required for registration, it is recommended that you check in with him or her at the beginning of every semester. Regular consultation with your adviser will help avoid scheduling problems that may prove a stumbling block to graduation.

Spanish minors and other students with questions about the Spanish program and coursework are invited to direct their inquiries to the Spanish Program Coordinator Elena González-Muntaner, Ph.D. ( or any of the division faculty members.


Spanish Majors and Minors

If Spanish is your declared major or minor and you have reached the 300-level, you will be assigned an adviser from among the faculty in the Spanish program.


Spanish Certificates

If you are a certificate in Spanish, feel free to contact any of the Spanish faculty with questions or concerns.


Spanish Education Majors

If you are an education major, you will be assigned a Spanish adviser when you reach the PEPI-ACCP level. If you have reached this level and an adviser has not been assigned, please contact the foreign languages and literatures department at (920) 424-7294.

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