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Major & Minor

Japanese Studies Major

The collaborative Japanese studies major promotes and engages you in an innovative, rigorous, multidisciplinary program focusing on the language and culture of Japan and its unique and significant role in the global community. The program offers you academic and experiential opportunities to explore and investigate the many facets of Japan's culture in depth while providing you with the linguistic tools to gain direct access to the culture.

The Japanese studies major includes 33 units (credits) to be completed in the context of a Bachelor of Arts degree program with the degree awarded through the College of Letters and Science. To be eligible for graduation, you must meet all requirements for the degree in addition to earning a minimum GPA of a 2.25 in all courses applied to your Japanese studies major. Additionally, you must complete the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test or the ACTFL OPI as an external validation of language proficiency, complete an oral exit interview in Japanese, and submit three performance assessments (your choice) from three different courses used in the major, plus the senior thesis, to be part of your portfolio for assessment and career placement. Learn more.


The Japanese studies major is a collaborative program between two UW System campuses, Oshkosh and Whitewater. While there is a set of coursework required to complete at your home institution, you can fulfill the rest of the requirements by completing electives and advanced coursework offered by either campus in online or other distance education formats. Courses available through distance education are informed by email when information becomes available.


For those who are interested in the Japanese studies major, contact the Japanese program coordinator for further assistance.


Minor in Japanese Language and Culture

The Japanese minor is recommended if you wish to pursue diverse interests and career goals in such fields as international business, foreign service, library science, tourism, journalism, engineering or radio-TV-film. The minor is also recommended to those who wish to complement other fields of study, including political science, history, music, art and literature.


Required courses include, in addition to the core language courses, two courses (six credits) from the electives. Learn more.


Once you declare the Japanese language and culture minor, contact one of the instructors in the Japanese program for assistance in advising your academic future.


Asian Studies Minor

The Asian studies minor is offered by the International Studies Program. Learn more.

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