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Wisconsin-Hessen Exchange Program

The Wisconsin-Hessen Exchange Program offers year-long, semester-long, and summer study abroad programs at universities in Hessen, such as Marburg, Frankfurt and Giessen. Semester- or year-long study at one of these universities is recommended only for students who have had coursework on the 300-level here at UW Oshkosh. These programs are ideal for German Education students, since they provide the greatest degree of immersion and opportunities for independence.

Studying in Germany will require you to be persistent in pursuing your educational goals. While in Germany, you will have the support of the UW Oshkosh German Program and the Office of International Education. Visit the OIE Hessen Exchange website for more information. To apply, see Jenna Graff in the Office of International Education (Dempsey 146). For academic advice in selecting a university and courses for your German major or minor program, please see Frau Wade.

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