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Unmet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Requirements


Financial Aid Warning

If a student does not meet the minimum SAP standards at the end of a semester, they will be placed on initial Financial Aid Warning status for the following semester. A student may continue to receive financial aid during the initial warning semester. If the student successfully meets the minimum SAP requirements during this semester, their SAP status will return to good standing. If the student does not meet the minimum SAP standards by the end of this semester, they will become ineligible for all federal and state financial aid, including grants, student loans, parent (PLUS) loans and work-study. Students may regain eligibility by once again meeting minimum SAP requirements or by submitting an approved SAP appeal.

NOTE: Scholarships, assistantships, stipends or regular student employment earnings (non-work-study) will not be affected by SAP ineligibility unless specified.

SAP Appeal Process

Students who fail to meet the minimum SAP requirements by the end of their warning-status semester will be ineligible for future financial aid until SAP requirements are met once again. Undergraduate students who do not meet minimum SAP standards but feel they have unique, extenuating circumstances* or are close to graduating may attempt to regain financial aid eligibility by filing a SAP Appeal through the following procedure:

  1. If your SAP status is “not meet” you must file an appeal no later than the date listed on your notification email.
  2. Complete the Undergraduate Student SAP Appeal form and include appropriate documentation that supports your reasoning for not meeting SAP requirements. Your appeal must address:

    a. WHAT caused you to not meet SAP requirements

    b. WHAT has changed that will allow you to meet SAP moving forward?

  3. Submit the appeal form by one of the following:


    UWO Financial Aid Office
    800 Algoma Blvd.
    Oshkosh, WI 54901

    Dempsey Hall, Room 104

    (920) 424-0284

  4. Students are encouraged to submit their appeals as early as possible. Late appeals will be considered on a case by case basis. Students will be notified of the appeal decision via email. If your appeal is denied, you are responsible for all tuition charges.

It is HIGHLY recommended that students attach any and all supporting documentation at the time they submit their appeal to ensure a speedy evaluation process. Incomplete appeals and/or insufficient supporting documentation can result in delays or denial of an SAP appeal. Please allow up to 7 days after submitting your appeal to receive initial email communication from the Financial Aid Appeals Committee (


Denied Appeals

If a student’s appeal is denied, you have the right to meet with the Financial Aid Director and/or submit additional documentation to support your original appeal. Students not meeting SAP for GPA and/or rate of completion are encouraged to meet with an academic adviser to discuss available resources. In the case that a student’s SAP appeal is denied, the Financial Aid Office will continue to monitor the student’s academic progress in case they meet SAP standards and regain financial aid eligibility. To have your financial aid reinstated, you must meet all SAP criteria listed on our website and have a current FAFSA on file.


* Examples of extenuating circumstances include medical conditions, death in family, natural disaster, accident, change in employment, hospitalization, etc.

Financial Aid Probation

If a student’s SAP appeal is approved, they will be placed on a semester-long financial aid probation but will still be able to receive aid. Students placed on financial aid probation may be required to meet an individually prescribed set of of criteria, referred to as an academic plan, in order to continue receiving financial aid. If, after grades have been posted for that semester, the student meets minimum SAP requirements, they will no longer be considered on probation. If the student does not meet minimum SAP requirements during the probationary semester, they will be ineligible for financial aid.

Additional Information

  • If a student is unable to receive financial aid, they may make payments according the the University’s Partial Payment Plan to spread out the total cost of tuition.
  • Students and/or parents may also request private loans that do not require SAP. 
  • Although financial aid may have been awarded to you, an SAP appeal denial will take precedence over any previous award notification which you may have received from Financial Aid.

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