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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Frequently Asked Questions


Is not meeting SAP requirements the same as academic suspension?

No, academic suspension from the University is monitored by the Undergraduate Advising Resource Center (UARC). If you are unsure whether or not you are on academic suspension at, contact the UARC. Financial aid warning applies only to your financial aid.

What is a financial aid "warning"?

Students are placed on financial aid warning if they do not meet SAP requirements (minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA and/or 67% cumulative credit completion) in a given semester. Students placed on warning must meet all SAP requirements the following semester. If a student fails to meet requirements while they are on warning, they will be ineligible to receive financial aid the next semester.

Students are still eligible to receive financial aid while on warning. Financial aid warning cannot be appealed.

What counts as an attempted credit?

For financial aid purposes, attempted credits are those that the student is registered for at the time of the financial aid census date. On this date, a student’s credits are “locked” for financial aid purposes. This date is different from the last day to add or drop a course.

How will I know my SAP status?

An SAP evaluation letter is sent via email to all undergraduate students after semester has ended. This email directs the students to TitanWeb where they may view their SAP status:

  • From your Student Center homepage, under the Finances section, click on “View SAP Status”
  • Click on the current term
  • Review your status for each of the SAP requirements listed

Why am I not meeting SAP requirements even though I have no failing grades?

The Financial Aid Office is required to include all credits a student has attempted – including dropped, repeated, reprieved, remedial or withdrawn courses that appear on a transcript – in consideration for financial aid. Although dropping a class may help your GPA, a dropped course after the financial aid census date is still considered an attempted course in SAP evaluations.

What aid is affected by not meeting SAP requirements?

All federal and state aid (loans, grants, work-study) is affected.

I am not meeting SAP requirement but I still see my financial aid award. Does that mean I will receive it?

No. Your financial aid award will be canceled before the beginning of the semester.

Do I have to be admitted/enrolled at UW Oshkosh to appeal my financial aid suspension?

Yes.  SAP is not calculated until you are enrolled and have submitted your FAFSA. You can only appeal a calculated SAP status of “not meeting”.

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