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Postal Services

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Postal Services
Phone: (920) 424-1145

Weekdays 7:45 AM to 4:30 PM

650 Witzel Avenue
Oshkosh, WI 54901

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Special Services

To assist the university, its subdivisions and representatives, Postal Services offers special services to simplify and expedite mailings.


Addresses can be printed directly on mail pieces, eliminating the cost and appearance of hand-applied labels. These addresses are printed in a specific order and barcoded to reduce postage costs and to allow the mail to move through the USPS system quickly.

Postal Services also has the ability to print the return address and permit imprint for postage in a single pass.

Postage price varies based on qualified rates.

Contact Postal Services for current rate.

Mail Preparation
Department Postal Code

Mail to be metered or processed and sent out must have a departmental Postal Code included.

The preferred placement is in the upper left-hand corner by the return address.


Postal Services will seal groups of Number 10 standard business-size envelopes as a courtesy.

The flaps must be nested (overlapping) and the letters securely bundled or boxed to prevent the content from falling out.

Postal Services reserves the right to refuse any envelopes for sealing if the contents do not fit the envelope or are not fully inserted into the envelope.

This means having 1/8″ clearance from the flap crease to the material, and they are less than 1/4″ thick.



Un-enveloped letter-size mail pieces prepared for automation rate mailings must be securely tabbed to prevent an open edge from jamming high-speed processing equipment. Standards for tabbing are based on the weight of paper stock used and the location of the folded or bound edge.

Charges apply per tab.

Tabbing service is mandatory for brochures, booklets, and other self-mailers sent unsealed, according to USPS regulations.

Contact Postal Services for current rates.

Folding and Inserting

Postal Services has a mechanical envelope inserter. This equipment is capable of folding and inserting up to 8.5″ x 14″ inch paper into a #9, #10, 6×9, or 6×9.5 envelope.

The inserter can also handle pre-folded brochures, reply envelopes or cards. 

Width of materials being inserted must be 0.5″ narrower than the envelope.

The inserts must be 0.25″ shorter than the depth of the envelope measured from the crease to the bottom.

Call Postal Services for further information, requirements, and current pricing.

Current Pricing

Folds: $0.005 per piece

Manual Folds: $0.02 per piece

Each Tab: $0.01

Address Labeling: $15.50 per 500 pieces

Address Cleaning without Printing: $5 per 500 addresses

Machine Inserts: $0.02 per insert

Hand Inserts: $0.06 per piece

Automation Letters (Bulk): $0.232 per piece or less

Return Address Printing: $0.02 per piece

updated 7/17/23


Envelopes – For Machine Insertion

Letter-sized Envelope Specifications:

  • Envelopes must be at least 0.5″ (13 mm) wider than the maximum width of the inserted pack.
  • Envelopes must be at least 0.25″ (6 mm) deeper than material to be inserted
  • Envelopes used for inserting should be ordered through Document Services to ensure they meet machine requirements.