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Cashiers Office
Window: Monday – Thursday 10am – 3pm

Student Accounts Office

Collections Office

The Student Accounts and the Collections Office are available Monday – Thursday 7:45 AM – 4:30 PM by email, phone or Teams.


Financial Measurements and Administration Report

The Financial Measurements and Administration Report is distributed quarterly on the Oshkosh campus, in order to provide information on the following areas:

  • Financial Measurements
  • Financial Trends
  • Administration Updates

To view the most recent UW Oshkosh Quarterly reports, please click HERE.

While reviewing this report, please be aware that timing impacts distribution of revenue and expenses across the four quarters. Most tuition distributions occur in the second and third quarters and often actual expenses are lower in the first and third quarters, as instruction expenses have yet to be recognized.

Historically the Oshkosh spring collections are roughly 91% of the amount collected in fall. Therefore, in order to meet our overall tuition target, fall collections should consist of more than 50% of overall collections.

While reviewing the quarterly reports, if you have any questions or feedback for us, please feel free to share it through the below form. You can submit feedback anonymously or by including your name.

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