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Corporate Travel Credit Card

ALL travel involving payment of lodging, car rental and the personal purchase of airfare MUST be paid for by using the US Bank Corporate Travel Card. All other travel related expenses (meals, cab fare, etc.) are options to charge to this card.

Click HERE to apply for the Corporate Travel Credit Card.  

US Bank AccessOnline Sign-up Instructions

U.S. Bank AccessOnline is web-based electronic program management tool that provides our company’s cardholders with quick access to their complete account information, enabling individuals to view their account activity and billing statements online!

Instructions on how to set up a U.S. Bank AccessOnline Account:

  • Go to: and click “Register Online.”
  • When asked to enter your company short name, please use STWISC.
  • Type your 16-digit account number in the “Account Number” field, without spaces or dashes (e.g., 1234567891234567).
  • Select the month and year your account expires from the drop-down list.
  • Click “Register This Account” if you have only one account to register.
  • The Licensing Agreement page displays for your review. If you agree, click “I Accept” to continue.
  • User IDs must be 7 to 12 characters in length and can be alpha and/or numeric. User IDs must also be unique; try to think of a distinctive ID (i.e. if your name is John F Smith try the User ID jofsmith3).
  • Passwords must be 8 to 20 characters in length, with at least one alpha and one numeric character, and are case sensitive.
  • User verification authenticates your account if you forget your User ID or Password. Three Authentication question fields must be completed. Select a question from each question drop-down list and enter the response for each.
  • Complete the contact information fields; Fields with a red asterisk are required.
  • Phone and Fax Number fields should not include dashes, hyphens, parenthesis or spaces in (i.e. 6121234567).
  • If any of your entered information is not valid, the system will return an error message. You have three attempts to correct the information. If all three attempts fail, the account with incorrect information will be locked out from self-registration. You will need to contact U.S. Bank Customer Service at 1-877-887-9260 to unlock your account.

To access the U.S. Bank online training tools after you have registered on the site, select the ‘Training’ link from the Access Online homepage. The password you will need is that for ‘Commercial PA’. Note this password changes approximately every two months. Click on the training link shown on the webpage ( and enter the Commercial PA password.

Contact Person:

Michelle Highley
Office of Finance and Administration
Dempsey 236
Phone: (920) 424-0837