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Travelers on official university business, including approved professional meetings, shall be reimbursed for the actual, reasonable and necessary travel expenses incurred in the performance of official duties. Only travel expenses related to the conduct of UW business may be reimbursed. All travel paid or reimbursed to employees from university administered funds must be done in compliance with the university travel policies, regardless of the funding source, i.e., federal grants and contracts, auxiliary operations, general operating funds and restricted funds.

For questions on policy or compliance requirements, please contact Michelle Highley at (920) 424-0837 or

  • Travel Policies
  • Current Rates for mileage, lodging, meals
  • Car rental contracts
  • Airfare booking
  • Traveler Reference Guide
  • Visitor Reference Guide
  • Links for MapQuest, exchange rates, airline baggage information, etc.
  • Travel Expense Information (TER form)
  • New UW System-wide Travel Services