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Memberships Policy and Procedures

We will continue to follow the UW System policy, UW System Administrative Policy 328 (formerly F34).   Below are the University guidelines and procedures.

  • A Direct Pay Request MUST be used for the first issuance of a membership for an individual or the institution to allow for appropriate approvals.

  • A P-Card may be used for the renewal of the membership listed above, as long as P-Card policies are followed.  Memberships MUST be reallocated from account code 3100 to 3730.

  • If a P-Card is used: Deans/Directors or delegated designees are responsible for reviewing for propriety and necessity and approving all requests for memberships.

  • Memberships must be mailed to your University address.

  • The length of the membership can only be for one year.  (Cannot pay for a multiple year membership.)

  • The same membership cannot be paid twice in one fiscal year.

  • Personal credit cards/corporate credit cards where an employee would need to be reimbursed for the renewal of the membership, ARE NOT ALLOWED or reimbursed.

  • If purchased from grant funds, the term of the membership cannot exceed the grant ending date.