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Document Services
Phone: (920) 424-1122
Fax: (920) 424-2037

650 Witzel Ave.
Oshkosh, WI 54901


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Policies and Procedures

All duplicated and related equipment in Document Services is state property and may be used only for the production of materials related to University programs, services and purposes.

No private work may be done for individuals, regardless of whether or not they are members of the university community.

To avoid possible problems, users should be aware of the following policies:

Definition of Users
Any person, office, department, college or recognized university group may use Document Services’ facilities to help carry out expected functions and purposes.

Other government agencies may use the services, provided:

  1. The work is official.
  2. The work done by UW Oshkosh is supplemental.
  3. The work does not interfere with the normal production of UW Oshkosh work.
  4. The full production costs are recovered.

Recognized non-profit organizations may use the services providing they meet the above listed requirements.

Restrictions on Political Materials
In no case may Document Services’ facilities and equipment be used to produce material in support of political candidates, parties or groups.

Announcements of programs, lectures, debates, seminars, workshops, etc., which are sponsored by a recognized University group and which involves candidates, political parties or groups may be produced, provided the message is limited to the announcement details only.

In no case may Document Services’ facilities and equipment be used to further a particular issue, idea, philosophy, political doctrine, etc.

Announcements of programs involving the above which are sponsored by a recognized University group may be reproduced, providing the message is limited to the announcement details only.

Sale of Materials by the University Bookstore, Produced in Document Services
Course syllabi or other documents intended for purchase by students can be handled through Document Services in this manner:


1. Class Instructor:
  • Prepare the document.
  • Contact the department associate so that the course material is placed on the University Textbook Order Form.
  • Send the originals to Document Services. If copyrighted material is included in your manual, please send original to bookstore. They will obtain proper copyrights.
2. The University Bookstore:
  • Determines the anticipated number of students you might expect in the class and instructs Document Services to run the appropriate number of copies.
  • Assumes all costs for printing and controls the inventory.
  • The University Bookstore has information on the copyright laws to help you make decisions regarding the legal use of other author’s works within manuals. Please contact the University Bookstore for more information at (920) 424-2384.
3. Document Services:
  • Produces the appropriate number of copies.
  • Keeps a copy of your materials on an electronic file and returns originals to your department (unless it contains copyrighted material, which would then go to the University Bookstore).
  • Produces extra copies within 24 hours of ordering, if the bookstore sells all available copies and needs more for your students.
4. The University Department:
  • Is liable for printing costs, etc. only in the case of class cancellation, printing error and/or materials non-use.
  • Revisions of your classroom materials should be handled through the department associate.
Turnaround Time

Document Services uses UW Oshkosh Postal Services to transport your documents. Your department has been provided with locked mail bags to be used by the department when sending documents to the center for production.

Document Services can and does provide “next day” turnaround on most jobs (providing we have the required paper and work load allows).**

  1. All campus distributions must be turned in to our office no later than noon the day before you want it distributed through campus mail.
  2. Please contact Document Services for urgent items that need to be completed more quickly than our normal turnaround time allows.
  3. All jobs will be sent through intercampus mail unless you specify on WebDesk that you will to pick it up.


  1. Coil-binding (1-5 day turnaround time)**
  2. Tape-binding (1-5 day turnaround time)**

NOTE: The beginning of Fall semester, beginning Aug. 1, and the beginning of Spring Semester, beginning Jan. 1, are heavy times. All larger jobs, including manuals, syllabi, course work, etc. are completed on a first come, first served basis.

**All turnaround time is subject to current workload. Please call ahead and check our schedule if you have something urgent to print.

Scheduling Large Jobs

If you are planning on a long-run job, it is best to contact Document Services’ personnel and inform them of the total number of copies you need, the approximate number of originals you have and the paper stock requested. This advance notice enables you to get your work into the production schedule while you are still working on your copy preparation, it also ensures that the appropriate paper will be in stock.

Note: Delays in project completions can occur for a variety of reasons, including: insufficient work request details, digital files sent in without needed supporting files (such as fonts, pictures or graphics), rush periods, mail delivery problems, machinery breakdowns and/or special requests.

Document Preparation and Submission

All print requests should be submitted through Document Services WebDesk.

All documents must be sent to us in ready to copy print format.

  • A print request can be submitted to Document Services using one of two methods
    • As a file submitted through Document Services WebDesk.
    • As a counter drop off with a hard copy or digital file (thumb drive or disk) delivered to Document Services. This must be accompanied by a WebDesk Order.
  • Electronic Files
    • PDF’s are preferred.
    • Electronic files are preferred for color printing and half tones (gray-scale).
    • Please embed fonts in all files.
  • Hard Copy
    • Send loose sheets on 8-1/2″ x 11″, 8-1/2″ x 14″ or 12″ x 18″ only
    • Do NOT send stapled materials
    • Do NOT send bound books
    • Do NOT send taped or glued originals
  • Double-sided Print
    • If you want certain pages run back-to-back and others single-sided, you must make a note of it in your order or add a Post-It note on the hard copy of your documents, notifying us of these exceptions.
    • Please remember that even though you know how you want something run, we do not know unless you specify your needs. Therefore, we will run the originals the way that they come to this department, unless specific instructions are on the WebDesk request.
    • When submitting landscape originals you want run back-to-back, you must indicate that you want it run head-to-head or head-to-toe (see Printing Terminology for definitions).
    • Please note that all originals will come out head-to-toe, on landscape originals — that is how the machine runs it.
  • Copy Quality of Duplication
    • Originals on colored paper are difficult to scan and re-produce on our Black and White high-speed copiers.
    • If your originals have light gray half-tones, please write HALF-TONES on the top of the Printing Work Order.
  • Copyright
    • Departments, groups and organizations are not allowed to included the use of works that are protected by copyright law, such as cartoons, pictures, insignias, motion pictures, logos, works of art, etc.
    • Print order request consisting of documents which include unauthorized use of copyright materials will be returned to the user without having the printing order completed.
    • For faculty and instructional staff preparing materials for classroom work, the University Bookstore has information on the copyright laws to help you make decisions regarding the legal use of author’s works within manuals. Please contact the University Bookstore for more information at (920) 424-2384.
    • NOTE: The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted materials. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and achieves are authorized to furnish a photocopy or reproduction is not to be used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship or research. If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of fair use that users my be liable for copyright infringement.
Finished Copies

All finished work is sent via Postal Services unless otherwise specified when order is placed.

Errors found when your receive your finished copies:

  • If you feel that your job was not properly duplicated, please return the originals, the Printing Work Order and all of the copies to Document Services.
  • We will then discuss the problem, decide how the job was run and how we can rectify the situation.
Charges and Authorizations

Document Services operates on a direct chargeback system. You need to contact your department associate to learn your specific department rules governing copying.

All print requests must be made by University faculty or staff. We will not accept print requests from students or student employees.

Printing Terminology

Bleed: Extending an image beyond the trim marks to eliminate borders or margins in the finished piece

Coil-Bind: To bind by spinning a flexible plastic coil through holes punched along the edges of a stack of paper — also called a spiral bind

Collate: To organize a printed matter in specific order as requested.

Collate v. Non-collate: Collated pages are in proper numerical order in each set while non-collated pages are in separate sets of each page

Color Separation: The physical act of decomposing a color graphic or photo into single-color layers–cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK)–for the purpose of offset press printing. In the case of digital printing, color separation is an internal software driven process. In either case, color separation is performed to provide the impression of infinite colors.

Crop Marks: Lines near the edges of an image indicating portions to be reproduced — also called cut marks or tic marks

DPI: “Dots per Inch” is a measure of resolution for printers, scanners and displays. Laser printers typically reach 1200 DPI but 600 DPI is acceptable

Duplex or Back-to-Back: Printing an image on both sides of a sheet of paper

Head-to-head: Printing the top of the front of the page back-to-back with the top of the page on the back side

Head-to-toe: Printing the top of the front of the page back-to-back with the bottom of the page on the back side

Imposition: Arrangement of multiple pages on large sheets so they will appear in proper sequence after sheets are folded and bound

Margins: The border around the page where the printers can’t print. This area is .25″ on most copiers.

Original: Your typeset hard copy or digital file from which copies are produced

Registration: Putting two or more images together so that they are exactly aligned and producing a sharp image

Signature Booklet: The collated pages of one folded and trimmed form, making up one section of a bound book


Please feel free to call us with any of your questions or concerns at (920) 424-1122.