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Printing Classroom Manuals

This page will help Faculty and Instructional Staff who will be printing supplemental materials.

Sale of Materials by the University Bookstore,

Produced in Document Services

Course syllabi or other documents intended for purchase by students can be handled through Document Services in this manner:


1. Class Instructor:

  • Prepare the document.
  • Contact the department associate so that the course material is placed on the University Textbook Order Form.
  • Send the originals to Document Services. If copyrighted material is included in your manual, please send original to bookstore. They will obtain proper copyrights.

2. The University Bookstore:

  • Determines the anticipated number of students you might expect in the class and instructs Document Services to run the appropriate number of copies.
  • Assumes all costs for printing and controls the inventory.
  • The University Bookstore has information on the copyright laws to help you make decisions regarding the legal use of other author’s works within manuals. Please contact the University Bookstore for more information at (920) 424-2384.

3. Document Services:

  • Produces the appropriate number of copies.
  • Keeps a copy of your materials on an electronic file and returns originals to your department (unless it contains copyrighted material, which would then go to the University Bookstore).
  • Produces extra copies within 24 hours of ordering, if the bookstore sells all available copies and needs more for your students.

4. The University Department:

  • Is liable for printing costs, etc. only in the case of class cancellation, printing error and/or materials non-use.
  • Revisions of your classroom materials should be handled through the department associate.