Welcome to MAA-Wisconsin Spring 2010 Meeting!


Face Off, the Mathematics Game Show

What is it? Face Off is a mathematics quiz show with questions from the broad realm of mathematics. And we mean broad! Teams of 2-4 students representing their schools compete to answer these questions. Each team gets a sign with the face of a mathematician (For example, your team could play as Descartes, Gauss, Hilbert, Noether, or Newton.) A team “buzzes in” to answer a question and earns points if its answer is correct. Teams can use a calculator, paper, and pencil. For more information, visit the Face Off website: http://www.uwosh.edu/faculty_staff/szydliks/faceoff.htm

When is it? Friday, April 16, 5:30-6:30 pm., as part of the MAA-Wisconsin Section meeting

Sample Questions:

The Off Limits category contained the following questions:

  20 pts.  What is  lim x→ π/2 ( sin x) / x ?
  40 pts. What is lim x→ 2  (x - 3) / (x - 2) ?
  60 pts. What is lim x→ 0 |x| / x ?
  80 pts. What is lim x→ 1 ( 2x - 2 ) / ( x - 1 ) ?

The Take a Number category contained the following questions:

  20 pts.  How many pips are on a standard die?
  40 pts. What prime number is both the sum of two primes and the difference of two primes?
  60 pts. What two-digit number has a cube root equal to the square root of the sum of its digits?
  80 pts. What is the smallest non-palindromic number whose square is a palindrome?

How do we enter?  Please contact one of the Face Off organizers if you would like to enter a team. Any student who has taken or is enrolled in Calculus I is eligible to join a Face Off team representing their school. If a school doesn’t have enough interested students, contact the organizers anyway – we can combine interested students to form hybrid teams. Space will be limited, so form a team soon and let us know of your interest!

Face Off Organizers:

Dr. Ken Price (pricek@uwosh.edu, (920)424-1057),
Dr. Steve Szydlik (szydliks@uwosh.edu, (920)424-7346),