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Brant L. Kedrowski

Associate Professor

Organic Chemistry

UW Oshkosh

Office: 446 Halsey Science

Laboratory: 435 Halsey Science


Phone: 920-424-3488

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As an organic chemist, my assignments are usually focused on teaching Introductory Organic Chemistry at UW Oshkosh, Chem 235 and Chem 335.  I also occasionally teach General Chemistry (Chem 105), Interpretive Spectroscopy (Chem 435), and Special Topics: Advanced Organic Synthesis (Chem 360).

Research: (see my research page for more information)

My primary area of research is in organic synthesis.  Specifically, my goals involve the development of new synthetic methods and strategies for improved efficiency in the synthesis of small organic molecules.  These methods are then applied in the synthesis of small molecules having interesting structures or biological activities.  Two representative targets are the natural products cacalol and radermachol.  I have also developed a synthesis of the unnatural amino acid 2-methylcysteine and recently completed synthesizing an analog of the peptide glutathione that incorporates this aminoacid.

Another area of interest is in the analysis of archaeological lipids by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS).  I’ve worked in collaboration with with members of the Department of Anthropology to study lipid residues in soil samples recovered from an archaeological site in Swan Point Alaska.

I’ve also worked on a collaboration with virologist Teri Shors from the Department of Biology and Microbiology on the isolation, purification, structure determination, and antiviral activities of bioactive natural products found in cranberries.

I typically have a number of undergraduate research students working with me on these projects, and I encourage any interested students to contact me to talk about research opportunities.

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