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        I was born on May 24th, 1971 in Minneapolis, Minnesota to parents Lawrence and Karen Kedrowski.  My family subsequently settled in St. Augusta, Minnesota (outside St. Cloud).  I grew up there along with my three younger siblings Tara, Sarah, and Kurt. 

        After graduating from St. Cloud Technical High School in 1989, I attended St. Cloud State University for one year, then transferred to the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus.  During my studies there I was able to become involved in undergraduate research projects both in industrial and academic settings.  I worked at 3M Company’s Dental Products Division under Dr. Sumita Mitra on the development of dental materials.  I also got involved in undergraduate research at the U of M with Dr. Wayland Noland on the synthesis of compounds having anticancer activity.  These early laboratory experiences were formative in solidifying my interests in chemistry and in research. I completed a B.S. program in chemistry from the University of Minnesota and graduated in 1994.

         I went on to pursue graduate studies there in Dr. Noland’s lab.  My graduate research was focused on organic chemistry.  The title of my thesis was “Synthetic Applications of Electron-deficient Quinones”.  It described the use of quinones bearing electron-withdrawing groups such as nitrovinyls, aldehydes and sulfoxides in ring forming reactions.  My interests in natural products began here with a synthesis of the fungal toxin aflatoxin B2.  I also became interested in teaching during graduate school.  I had the opportunity to teach laboratories and occasionally lectures, and really enjoyed working with students.  I served as the Head Organic Teaching Assistant at the U of M for two years, which further influenced my career path.  I graduated with a Ph.D. in chemistry in 2000.

        After graduate school I moved on to do postdoctoral work in the lab of  Dr. Clayton Heathcock at the University of California Berkeley.  My research their focused on the synthesis of thiazoline rings and natural products containing these rings.  I worked there until accepting a tenure track faculty position at UW Oshkosh.  

        I joined the faculty of the Department of Chemistry at UW Oshkosh in the fall of 2002.  I was attracted to UW Oshkosh because, as a primarily undergraduate institution, it offered a good balance between teaching and research that was a good fit for me.  Its location in the upper Midwest, not far from family was also significant.  Since starting here I’ve taught a variety of courses focused mainly on organic chemistry, which is my primary area of interest.  I’ve established a research program that extensively includes undergraduates.  Dozens of students have worked with me on undergraduate research projects since 2002.  My research interests include organic synthesis methodology development and applications to natural product preparations, the isolation and characterization of biologically active natural products, and the study of archaeological lipid residues using modern chemical instrumentation.  In 2008 I was granted tenure at UW Oshkosh and was promoted to associate professor.

        Outside of work I enjoy a number of activities and hobbies including gardening, biking, fishing, skiing, golfing, amateur carpentry, technology, and keeping freshwater aquariums.  I now have four nieces named Kaitlend, Emily, Lydia and Nina. I regular travel back to Minnesota to visit them and my parents, siblings and extended family.  I have some pictures posted for those who are interested.