Edwin Jager
John O. Smith



Threshold is a remarkable artists' book that takes the reader on a powerful narrative journey. It is a visual romance — a story told almost entirely through photographs about two lovers, separated in time and space.

The book is visually stunning. Its layout is influenced by references to film, presenting nearly 800 photos in a consistent linear narrative. Five chapters follow the relationship between two lovers through one day's interaction.

Threshold has been produced as a limited edition artists' book. It is entirely hand-crafted by the artists — inkjet printed on Graytex acid free matte-coated paper using Epson Ultra Chrome pigment inks, hand-sewn and bound in full cloth, and highlighted with silver foil titling and silk headbands. The book is 6.75" x 9" and 200 pages in length. Each book in the edition of 25 is signed and numbered by the artists.

If you are interested in exhibiting or purchasing Threshold, please contact the artists.

Threshold is a production of Project 5, a collaboration between Edwin Jager and John Smith. Please click here for more information about Project 5.