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Liquid into My Skin is a modular installation project, comprising light boxes, color transparencies, and text. The images are housed in cases constructed to resemble museum displays, where artifacts are illuminated by electricity and clarified by accompanying explanations mounted on or near each exhibit. The simplified and modular construction of these cases allows for a variety of arrangements and connections, tailored to suit specific venues. I wish the viewer to first experience the work in a macroscopic sense, from a distance, seeing the catalogues of images as an abstract tableau of colored swatches.

Moving closer, the viewer sees images framed within the structure of the presentation equipment, details become visible, and the supporting text can be read. This text reveals an ongoing story; a conversation between two unidentified characters. They seem to know each other intimately but, at the same time, hardly at all. They are always trying to understand each other and making some mistake in the translation. I immerse the characters in imagery; snapshots of technology and symbols of communication. Their world is a complex of contrasting images and forms; collisions of man and nature; the organic and the machine.

Liquid into My Skin can be read as a series of chapters, strategically arranged within the space of the gallery. The images and text exist in a dynamic relationship with each other and their setting, creating a multiplicity of possible readings. By referencing the museum format and the visual language of graphic design, I subtly influence the viewer to experience the work as documentary or historical narrative, rather than as personal, artistic expression. I have chosen to comment on the relationship between the organic and the mechanical because I believe that contemporary culture espouses a deep and artificial rift between the two. My commentary offers viewers a way to synthesize these opposites into their own metaphor for understanding our world.