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In research, I worked to explore all the possibilities,
critique the record and express the function
incorporated into individual parts.
I sought to focus my analysis,
stressing the importance of continuity and authenticity.
I developed a lexicon to explain the abbreviations,
notes and anecdotes.
I referenced, cited and elaborated,
erased and revised, studied the elements
and poured over the information.

But the dialogue was too complex.
As I put pencil to paper, each segment folded into another.
I couldn’t determine at which position to begin
or upon which interaction to elaborate.
My attempt at a total expression failed
and the parts became strange caricatures of my intentions.
I sat back, looking at the ruins on my table,
the layers of vellum
and crumpled pieces of paper.
I remembered your question:

When did you first learn about breathing?
How the air entered your lungs
through your throat
about the network of capillaries
and the transfer of oxygen into the bloodstream
Did you hold your breath, even for a second?