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Inference is an installation of large scale bookworks. Lush fields of visual matter—drawings, found books with pages opened and altered—all contribute to the exhibition.

In every work, there is an ongoing story, a conversation between two unidentified characters. They seem to know each other intimately but, at the same time, hardly at all. There’s always something that they’re trying to understand, some mistake in the translation. I immerse them in imagery, snapshots of technology and symbols of communication. Their world is a complex of contrasting images and forms; collisions of man and nature; the organic and the machine.

The most recent exhibition of Inference presents video still images, bound into 100 found shorthand books, displayed on a long shelf. Overhead, a forty by nine foot drawing fills an entire wall of the gallery. In making the drawings, I feel so free, forming huge circles with a brush and ink, working fluidly as I go along, then controlling the line with a ruling pen and ultimately a digital file. The juxtaposition of the organic to the mechanical forms into a compelling project both to execute and also to witness. The text is presented within the structure of the books, the writing directly referencing the visuals.

With each manifestation of this project, I add chapters, incorporate new objects and reconfigure the elements. Inference is a body of work that brings the book as an artifact into the gallery and presents it in a manner that is familiar to the viewer but surreal in its scale and presentation. My desire is to create a reading experience that involves the gallery patron and eliminates the distance and passivity that can occur when two-dimensional artwork or books are displayed.