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Is the book dead? As we continue to make books, what function will they serve? Will they be a useful means to convey and store information or will they become primarily aesthetic objects? With Book Implosions, I twist, fold, distort and clamp old textbooks, dictionaries and manuals into objects that contain their original content but cannot be opened. With each piece, I seek a method that will force the artifact to completely fold in on itself. The resulting sculpture remains to document this process.

In the fall of 2006 a number of new implosions were exhibited in two exhibitions. A gallery link can be found to the left.

Book Implosions, was a solo exhibition held at Stubbe Chocolates, Toronto, Ontario, in September of 2006.

In Book Ends, I exhibited Book Implosions and Iconometer #1-40. This was a two-person exhibition, with Jeff Stevenson, held at the Dorothea Thiel Gallery, Suburban Chicago College, October-November, 2006