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Plywood Show
These posters are produced in black and white and advertise an exhibition of plywood constructions made by students in Andrew Redington's Functional Design One course. We have a photo shoot in the functional design classroom and students must combine type and image in an appealing way that also conveys strong hierarchical organization.

Stratford on the Fox Advertisements
For this series of advertisements, students explored theme and genre while crafting a unified, simulated advertising campaign for a Shakespearean Theatre. Successfull ads appealed to a wide ranging audience, communicated a contemporary interpretation of the play and avoided clichés.

Typeface Poster/Broadside
This pair of posters explores an assigned typeface. The broadside plays with type, using the letterforms as abstract shapes and textures. Broadsides experiment with readability and legibility with the aim of presenting the typeface in an original way. The companion poster provides a visual analogy for the typeface and futher explores the denotative and connotative aspects of typography.

Classical Guitar Recital
These black and white posters advertised the semi-annual recital by Charles Combe's Classical Guitar Students. Similar to the Plywood Show poster, projects needed to consider layout and hierarchy while also experimenting with the visualization of classical guitar music. Charlie performed for the class and illustrated the formal relationships between music and design.

This archive contains additional images from past semesters. Look for more galleries soon.