Graphic Design One
Fall 2018



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Study in this course will be focused in the language of graphic design. Exercises will concentrate upon training in the manipulation and arrangement of formal elements in graphic composition. Through projects, discussions, lectures and critiques, you will develop your ability to understand the nature of design problems, research, articulation and presentation. Areas of investigation include manipulation of form in two-dimensional space, visual hierarchies, layout techniques, computer applications, hand manipulation, semantics, gestalt principles, visualization and creative problem solving.

Over the course of the semester, you will gain facility in the language of design, so that you may effectively describe phenomena and procedures as you execute and evaluate your work. History plays an important role, with lectures in this course surveying design history and technology.
We will also explore letterforms as essential tools of communication. The role of typography may be transparent, focusing attention on the content in the words. It may supplement and clarify the reading, allowing the construction of additional messages to be carried through the form and the style. Projects address mechanics and proportion, as well as the relationship of text to image. You will work with type—learn its form and shape, history and classification.