On and Around the Island:

photo of Wright Hall

photo of Ferry Reach

The Bermuda Biological Station for Research now BIOS. Wright Hall (the large older building) is where our rooms were and where we ate most of our meals.

This is the view from the balcony of the Biological Station (BIOS) where we had breakfast and dinner.


Photo of Pete

Photo of outcrop at Devonshire Bay

Pete working out the cross bed geometries of a Pleistocene eolian dune.


Students studying the outcrop Pleistocene rocks at Devonshire Bay.

Photo of dock

photo of BIOS boats

Unloading the boat (the Henry Stommel) after a hard day at sea.


The Stommel and the ocean-going ship, the Weatherbird.





Photo of group at Whalebone Bay

Bomber (Alfred) piloting the Henry Stommel. Bomber knows the waters around Bermuda better than anyone.


The group at Whalebone Bay.

Photo of Kelley driving boat

Photo of Dom driving

Kelley piloting the Stommel.


Dominic also piloting the Stommel.

photo of Balckwatch Pass

photo of ocean

Great Pleistocene limestone exposures in Blackwatch Pass near Hamilton.

Whalebone Bay on our first field day.


Photo of the group in fron of the ocean

photo of students hanging out

The group in front of the ocean on our first field day.


Trent, Jane, Jon, and Kelley just hanging out.

Photo of students swiming in cave

Photo of students in cave

Students swimming in the fresh water lens that floats atop seawater in Grotto Cave.


Students snorkeling in Grotto Cave.
photo of stalactites photo of cave

Stalactites in Crystal Cave.


Seawater with fresh water floating on top in Crystal Cave.
photo of cave photo of cave formations

Stalactites in Crystal Cave.


Red terra rosa soil material in Crystal Cave.
photo of students at Devonshire Bay photo of students in front of outcrop

Examining Pleistocene eolian dunes, Devonshire Bay.


Jon and Pete checking out a Pleistocene paleosoil, Devonshire Bay.








Photo of Flatts Inlet
The group standing in front of a well-developed terra rosa paleosoil on the Walsingham limestone. The only (surface) passage into Harrington Sound at Flatts Inlet.


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