UW-Oshkosh Geology Students in Bermuda:

photo of bathysphere Photo of Charles Barton

Kelley, Jane and Siobhan trying out Beede's bathysphere which is on display at the Bermuda Aquarium.

Right. Charles Beede in 1930 off the coast of Bermuda emerging from his bathysphere. This was the first research vessel capable of deep dives (greater than 2000 feet).


Photo: Pete in water

Photo: Andy and Trent
Pete just hanging out.

Andy and Trent on the boat to our first stop.


Photo: students in lab

Photo: group on porch

The group working in the lab where, at night, they studied samples collected each day.


Group (Jane's taking the photo) on the front porch of Wright Hall.


Photo: students in lab Photo of student in water
Jon, Siobhan, and Pete hard at work in the lab.

Jane checking in.


Photo: students at outcrop

Photo: Pete and Jane

Group photo in front of an outcrop of paleo-soil developed on the Walsingham Limestone.


Jane helping Pete to protect his hair from sea spray and wind.
Photo: Dave and Jon Photo: Andy, Jane, dave

Dave and Jon after a great dive on the South Shore reefs.


Andy, Jane and Dave just hanging out.


Photo: students at outcrop Photo: students at outcrop

Examining the outcrop at Devonshire Bay


Jane and Kelley pointing out the "fossil" wave-cut notch at Devonshire Bay.
Photo: students on boat Photo: Charles Island
Speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil or something like that...

Heading back to the boat after doing some outcrop work on Charles Island.


Photo: shoreline Photo: Andy playing crochet

Kelley and Dave checking out the outcrop at Devonshire Bay.


Andy driving it home on the croquet field.
Photo: students playing croquet Photo: group at Naval Yard

A hard game of croquet.


A winding and cool day sent us to the Naval Yard Museum.


Photo: students in water Photo: Pete and Eric looking at fossil tree
Jane and others hanging out in Harrington Sound.

Pete and Eric examining a fossil palm tree trunk.


photo of students snorkeling Photo: Pete and trent

Dominic and Pete coming up after a dive. Photo by Kelley Steffen


Pete and Trent at the Naval Yard Museum (photo by Dom).


Photo: Jane diving off boat Photo: students on boat

Jane taking the plunge in Harrington Sound.


Dave, Trent, Pete, Dom, and Jon ready to go.
Photo of Trent on boat Photo of Siobhan on boat
Trent on the boat -- always cool.

Siobhan at the end of a long day on the ocean.


photo of students

Pete reading a story at the airport.


Trent and Dom checking out the large tank at the Bermuda Aqaurium.


Photo of Kelley on boat Photo of students in water

Kelley and Pete soaking up some sun.


The group heading back to the boat after diving on the South Shore reefs.
photo of students photo of students

Pete, Trent, Jon, and Dave -- good friends.


Checking out an old train stop shelter.


Photo of Dom and Dave Photo of eric and dave

Dom giving Dave a lift.


Dave always had a unique view of the world.

Eric Hiatt and Elijah with little dog

Photo: wild colors

Eric, Elijah and Toto.

We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto!

Whalebone Bay through Dave's eyes.


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